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Discover our history and way of working.

ZERO35 is the number everyone uses to communicate with south mines. And from the south of mines to the world.

And we're not just talking about DDD.

ZERO35 is a communication, marketing and business agency that emerged from the meeting of two agencies: Soma Marketing and Unione Consultoria.

In 30 days of operation, we already had 22 clients in our portfolio and 12 employees: excellent numbers to start with!

What makes the difference at ZERO35 is the way its customers think about their business. The creativity to transform briefings into surprising pieces, the calculator in hand to make the numbers always grow and a lot of sweat from a highly dedicated team of professionals.

The partners André Prado and Joyce Coelho are directly responsible for their areas of activity: creation/commercial and service/planning respectively.

We bring in our name the numbers that identify us as southern Minas Gerais and, in numerology, as winners and prosperous.

And, it doesn't hurt to remember: in any business, what matters are the numbers.

Plan, act and generate
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