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With national operations, Cenp was created in 1998 by entities representing Advertising Agencies, Advertisers and Media, to ensure and disseminate best commercial practices and defend the Brazilian Advertising Model.  Being part of CENP only proves how much we value ethics and commitment in our work.

In order to obtain this certification, we did not have to change our standard of work or our services, as we already met all the requirements to be a certified agency at a high level.

But for us everything has changed!

Agencies certified by CENP go up a huge step as they can prove the technical and professional structure to provide advertising services. This opens doors for us to participate in tenders and provide greater support to current and future customers.

Zero35 is now certified by CENP as a Full Service agency, that is, we are recognized by the main regulatory forum of the advertising market as an agency that employs complete and quality service in the most diverse areas of advertising.

Technical Group 8 - Full Service Agency - MG.2202.13974.8

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