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Political Marketing

Political Marketing is every strategy that a politician or party uses to communicate with their target audience. Every political marketing strategy must contain transparent communication so that the electorate is aware of the objectives and goals of its candidate. It goes far beyond winning an election, ele builds a candidate's image in a solid and consistent way for its electorate.


Campaigns and pre-campaigns

Amanda Campos - Candidate for mayor of Campos Gerais

In 2020, we communicated the campaign of the candidate Amanda Campos, a strong, humane and very influential woman in the area of health in her city. 

The campaign was built around its qualities and stood out for escaping the conventional and showing that a political campaign can indeed be different and achieve its objectives. 

Maria Tereza - Candidata à Deputada Estadual / MG

Em 2022 realizamos a comunicação da campanha da candidata Maria Tereza (Tê), uma com uma história incrível que já é muito participativa na sociedade do Sul de Minas e conhecida pelas suas ações. 

A campanha tinha como objetivo alcançar a marca de 6 mil votos, pois essa seria a primeira aparição de Tê para a massa e um público maior. O objetivo foi alcançado e superado, chegando a marca de mais de 8 mil votos. 


predefined packages

With our pre-established packages, we are able to meet quick demands with eye-catching pieces and content that present the candidate to the public and show their intentions towards their society. Our packages include posts for social networks, various forms such as saints, banners, banners and perforations for vehicles, interactive cards for WhatsApp, among others. 

Get in touch and make your quote. 

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